What is Multiflower Honey: Wildflower
Multiflower Honey made from the nectar of various flowers gathered from various plants: in meadows, forests, and mountains. That is one of the reasons it is also called wildflower honey, it is a true Honey of thousand flowers. It is the most common type of honey. You can also consider this the rarest honey because it is composed of nectars of flowers blooming at a particular period of time in a particular place, it is practically impossible to reproduce year to year.

Color: 40 – 70 mm Extra Light Amber to Light Amber
Its color varies from light cream up to the color of tea.

Aroma: Mild
Its aroma varies from mild to sharp

Taste: Mild/Strong
Taste of Multiflower honey differs, depending on the flowers prevailing. It is certainly no phony when it comes to being delicious, and relatively speaking— nutritious. Thanks to the wealth of different herbs Multiflower honey is one of the most popular. It gives a refreshing taste of true honey taste with hint of fruitiness.

Crystallization Rate: Slow
Several factors determine the time it will take honey to crystallize. First, there are the conditions of the room where the honey is stored. Hot conditions protect honey from crystallizing, but they also degrade the honey. Temperatures that are too cold, however, can speed up crystallization. Honey resists crystallization best when kept in at about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of honey will keep its liquid shape for long time if kept at suggested temperature.