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UA Global Inc.

Suppliers of the finest organic products from Europe,

Importing to US and Canadian markets.

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100% Natural Raw Honey

USDA Organic, GMO-free, OU Kosher, Unprocessed.


UA Global 100% Natural Raw Honey is one
of the premium quality products that we import to US
and Canadian markets. Selection of this product was
a result of many months of painstaking efforts choosing
among multiple products offered by various suppliers.
100% Natural Raw Honey comes in a wide
range of choices based on its natural origin, taste and
flavor, and in multiple packaging configurations.

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Our goals: selectively supply unique,
premium products essential to people’s lives,
strict control over product quality,
and careful delivery to our valued customers.

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Honey name comes from the English "Hunig", and
it was the first and most widespread sweetener used
by man. Legend has it that Cupid dipped his love
arrows in to honey before aiming at unsuspecting lovers.
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Our Honey is a fantastic addition to your work-out.
It is a wonderful source of glucose for improved
endurance, strength and performance, and many
professional athletes eat honey by the teaspoonful
to keep them going.

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About Us

Ukraine America Global (dba UAG Co. LLC.) was founded in the year 2000. Our goal was to improve upon the import and export between the United States and Ukraine. During this time we succeeded in establishing and maintaining a positive working relationship between many different companies throughout both countries.

Raw Natural Honey

UAGlobal Inc. is a direct supplier of Unprocessed, Organic, Raw Honey. As a company we value integrity and honesty in every step of our operations – from the fields of our apiaries to the jars of honey in your cupboards. Our honey is Grade A, USDA Organic, OU Kosher, and GMO-free. Our varieties include: Acacia, Buckwheat, May Flower, Linden, Sunflower and Multiflower Honey. UA Global guarantees fast delivery and excellent service to our wholesale clients. Our inventory includes 3 different sizes of jarred honey: 250g/8.82oz, 400g/14.11oz, 1200g/42.33oz. We also offer bulk unprocessed honey in 28kg pails and 290kg barrels.

Our Products

Why from the Ukraine?

The Ukraine has always prided itself on its extraordinary hills and valleys, rich agricultural landscape, it's abundance of fertile soil, and the hardworking indigenous people who call it home...

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Our Events:

Cinnamon and honey's healing properties

On January 17, 1995, an article written by Beatrice Dexter about the benefits of honey and cinnamon powder, appeared in The Weekly World News. Please allow me to preface this article with a bit of information unbeknown to the writer and virtually everyone else: cinnamon is 26 percent sulfur based and honey is 33 percent sulfur based, making their combination 59 [more]

25 Jan 2015 YGAR Student Award & GALA Concert

Youth Gala Concert "Young Generation Always Remembers" is an annual event of music, voice, dance to showcase talent of the young generation and to remember history without which we would not be here today. Get your tickets at Event Brite Prakhin Foundation completed a High School curriculum on the topic of Stalin & his Repressive Regime together with Holocaust Commission of the [more]

Royal Jelly – Food fit for a Queen

The beginning of a honey bee's life is spent inside the cell of a honey comb in larval form. Helpless, these larvae depend on their food to be delivered by worker bees. For the first 3 days of life, all the larvae are fed a special food called Royal Jelly. It is a thick, white, milky substance secreted by the [more]


Dear friends and valued customers, With great pleasure, we would like to share with you, that we will be participating in Natural Product Expo East. This wonderful exhibition, will take place in Baltimore Convention Center, 18-20 September 2014. . We are pleased to report that in our range of product has grew substantially in the past year and we will [more]

We Got Organic Certificate!

USDA Organic The organic standards describe the specific requirements that must be verified by a USDA-accredited certifying agent before products can be labeled USDA organic. Overall, organic operations must demonstrate that they are protecting natural resources, conserving biodiversity, and using only approved substances. A brief summary is provided below. View regulations. Organic Standards     Organic crops. The USDA organic seal verifies that irradiation, sewage sludge, [more]


Proved to be another successful exhibition. We are proud to be new members of the Specialty Food Association, with that comes great responsibility of providing the best and the healthiest food products possible.     For all of our friends and supporters, we wish to let you know this show was a wonderful and educational experience. We have met many good and interesting [more]

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