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    UA Global LLC was designed with the purpose of providing the highest quality natural food products available on the market. Consumers have clearly grown weary of unhealthy and dangerous foods containing unnatural additives, toxic preservatives, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It is our company’s mission to provide the highest quality products available, with no preservatives, toxins, or GMO’s.

  Although UA Global has not existed for a very long time in the food import/export industry, we have proved ourselves to be reliable and trustworthy by providing all the necessary documentation for government regulations to affirm that our products are of the highest quality for your health. 

  Our company’s mission is to provide the highest quality products available partnering only with companies who share the same values.

   While distributing tons of products, we decided to drive with our own brand “ApiZzz Honey” which is unprocessed, Organic, Raw Honey and Honey products. As the brand owner, we value integrity and honesty in every step of our operations – from the fields of our apiaries to the jars of honey in your cupboards.

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