Apizzz Honey is our registered trademark, a play on the Latin term for bee, “Apis”. Carefully chosen as a title to represent the purity and authenticity of Mother Nature’s handiwork, our Apizzz Honey is pure, unadulterated goodness. And our awesome honeybees deserve all the credit – we’re just delivering the product of their tireless labor.

 In recent years, the quality of commercial honey has come into question. Evidence of diluting honey with syrups, ultra-filtering to remove pollen and traceability, and feeding bees high-fructose corn syrup while draining the hives of honey, have all led to the degradation of the quality of honey on the market. Recent reports state that more than 75% of the honey sold in US stores is tampered with or diluted.

 Ultra-filtering and pasteurizing honey not only removes the super-beneficial pollen and hive parts, it destroys the enzymes and most of the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. And when it’s fed to the honeybees, it deprives them of the vital immune-boosting elements found in pollen. Many experts say this may be contributing to the massive loss of honeybees worldwide, also known as colony-collapse.

 Apizzz honey is dedicated to bringing you pure, raw, unprocessed honey. All of our honey has undergone extensive laboratory testing for antibiotics, genetically modified organisms (GMO), toxic compounds, and purity of source. Our bees collect nectar from the flowers blooming in the pristine hills and valleys of western Ukraine. They make honey without our tampering, they feed on this honey, and they always make extra for us 🙂

(с) Article was written by Tay Samiz