Product Description

If you are a sweet-tooth, then this is product is especially for you!
This chocolate delicacy is an ideal and healthy alternative to chocolate paste that will charm your family.
Tender creamy consistency of natural honey, pleasant aroma of cacao beans and flowers will drive crazy the most versed sweet tooth.
Our Honey has not been heated, pasteurized or processed.
Creamed honey is created by the long and gentle mixing of crystallized honey.  Once it is creamed, the crystallization process slows down and stays in a consistent form for a long time, without changing its original benefits.  The biologically active consistency of honey stays the same with the creaming process, as well as, all its compounds, great taste, pleasant aroma and nice smooth texture.
Honey is one of nature’s premier superfoods. Not only does honey taste good in tea, yogurt, baked goods etc. but it has been a staple anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory since ancient times.
Creamed honey with its fluffy consistency is easy to remove from a jar and it spreads splendidly on bread.
You can enjoy tasting your favorite croissants or homemade pancakes with this creamy honey with Chocolate. You can also prepare cacao just adding some creamy honey with Chocolate to the hot milk.
You will love it!
Healthy and delicious!

*DISCLAIMER This product does not intent to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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