Product Description

Ingredients: Natural Raw Acacia Honey.

Acacia honey in a small wooden wonder – bucket (with a lid ) is a real handiwork!
Exquisitely crafted from natural wood, handy and nice looking on your kitchen table, it will just beautify your interior!
Made of selected wood with no chemicals involved, it will last you long, its quality and fineness will always please You and your guests!
If You are a connoisseur of good honey, You are well aware that its correct keeping is the main thing. The handmade buckets made of ecologically pure linden wood, following precise cooperage technologies, are used for keeping honey not only for its nice design.
Linden wood buckets always used to be ideal for keeping honey, as linden`s soft wood is perfect for keeping honey aroma and its taste, and also favours honey to preserve its health giving qualities.

Acacia Honey is collected from the flowers of the acacia tree. Acacia Honey derived from the acacia tree is said to be an excellent sweetener it also has a delicate floral aroma. Usually, it is a light straw color. Acacia honey does not crystallize for a long time like many other floral variations of honey. Due to its high fructose content and as other acacia products, it contains excellent health benefits. Acacia honey is known to kill germs, aid in digestion, relieve diarrhea and can be used as a salve to help wounds heal faster.

You will love it!
Tasty and healthy!

*DISCLAIMER This product does not intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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