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The organic standards describe the specific requirements that must 6e verified6y a VS agent 6 ore products can 6e labeled VS protecting natural resources, conserving biodiversity, and using onty approvedsubstances, 6rief summary is
provided 6eCoxv.

QMO technology has developedin response to the challenges o ffeeding an ever-grouting дСобаСpopula­

о tion to create genetically engineeredcrops that are to 6e pest, virus or climate-resistant. The potential
nsfa benefits and ethicalconcerns o f the presence ofQMOs in thefo o d chain are stiU 6eing debatedand
researched. In response, QMO content info o d is strictly regulatedas consumers seef^to mak$ informed
choices about thefo o d they eat.

System o f InternationalCertification is an internationalpartnership o f independent andprofessional

'sic) certification 6odies and laboratories, -which has unified rules, requirements and certification procedure

fo r compliance -with internationaland nationalrequirements.

SIC certification mark} awarded to comanies afterproper testing and on site visits, -whichproves a suc­
cessfully certifiedproduction, services, personnel managment system o f the Customer.

The Vnion o f OrthodoxJewish Congregations o fAmerica (VOJCA), more popularly known as the
Orthodox Vnion (01)), is one o f the oldest OrthodoxJewish organizations in the 'UnitedStates. It is
best knownfo r its kpsherfoodpreparation supervision service. Its circled-V symbol, (Q), a hechsher, is

•*Ol v

found on the labels o f many commercialand consumerfo o d products.

lobal J4.1Ccopies o fcertificates including V S Lab testing are availablefo r review on

fip?zzzf l o n e g

Vhonc: 973/521/9055 Tax; 973/521/9060 'Email; info@uag[o6a[
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