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Import/Export and Distrebution

Who we are? V^raine, (Bartni^LLC:
VAQ Co. LLC) wasfounded in the year 2000. (During this
time we suseeded in establishing and maintaing a positive ‘We procure honey and other bee products in environ­
wording relationship 6etween many different companies m e n ta l safe areas in different parts o f "Ukraine.
tbrought 6oth 'UnitedStates and ‘Ukjaine. VAQ has 6een ‘Thanks to this approach, our honey is environmentally
very effective in obtaining andsupplying the consumer with heaCthy and has got an excellent taste and aroma.
all the different productsfrom these two vast areas. (Every batch o f honey we receive from beekeepers is
With change in consumer demand we have created a new thoroughCy checked at our own laboratory. ‘We have
division Ъ>Я global Inc., withsole providing the highest deveCoped trustworthy relations with highCy experi­
quality naturalfo o d products available, that do not contain enced beekeepers from aCCover ‘Ukraine. (By heCping
QMOs and (Preservatives. them seCC their own produce we can duCy represent
A s a company we value integrityin our work^and honesty to ‘Ukrainian honeys o f various kinds and taste on the
our clients. We are able to supply your store/warehouse market. ‘We can offer honey made o f the nectar o f wiCd
with 100% Natural, (Rflw, Unprocessed, Organic Jfoney and honey plants that grow in the east and south o f
Honey products. 'Ukraine, the StriCetsky Steppe and jZskania Nova
VA globalguarantiesfa st delivery and excellent service at naturaC reserves, the grand sunflower fields in the
wthe wholesale rates. Our mission is a thorogh selection o f south and buckwheat fieCds in the west and centraC
unique products essential to people’s lives, strict control part o f ‘Ukraine; Cinden woods in the Chemihiv, Sumy,
over the product quality and earful delivery to our valued and Vinnytsia regions, and in the forested areas and
customers. acacia woodlands.



f o r more information please visit our-website:
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