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Thanks letterI am a very appreciative fan of your products.

This year I decided to splurge and give some very special gifts to those on my Christmas list.

I created large bamboo baskets containing a wide variety of fine quality products that have meant a great deal to me over the years. These baskets (for my children, for my sisters, for my best friends, and so on) each included a selection from the UA Global "repertoire."

Just to let you know that you are in good company, 1 also included a bottle of truffle infused extra virgin olive oil, a high quality Kyocera ceramic kitchen knife, a blood orange cream balsamic vinegar and other "essentials." In each basket I placed either a jar of your Buckwheat Honey or your Linden Honey (my current personal favorite). I was raised on a farm in Illinois and my father always had his own bee hives, so I fully appreciate what it takes to "make" a jar of honey.

In addition to giving pleasure to my recipients, this is my way of introducing them to foods they may not have been using, but that I really think they should try. I am convinced that once they enjoy these gifts, they will want to continue enjoying your offerings.

This letter is to thank you for all your fine efforts. Both your honey and your company are, in my opinion, outstanding. I know of no other way to describe them.

I hope you, your loved ones and all the hard working people —and bees —UA Global had a happy and peaceful Holiday Season, and that 2016 brings you all good things and many delightful surprises.

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