Certification Body All-Ukrainian NGO "LIVING PLANET"

living-planet-logoSystem of International Certification is an international partnership of independent and professional certification bodies and laboratories, which has unified rules, requirements and certification procedure for compliance with international and national requirements. Headquarters of the System is situated in London (Great Britain).
VISION: Improvement of organization’s activities and elimination of trade and technical barriers between countries. Availability of our services all over the world.
MISSION: Customers’ need satisfaction by rendering innovational services that add value.
sic-logoSIC certificate: this is the main document of international certificate recognition by all the partners of SIC. SIC certificate is always issued with the partner’s certificate; both documents have the same validity period. SIC certificate is a world passport for all the concerned parties in the world.
SIC certification marks : they are prove of successfully certified production, services, personnel, management systems of the Customer.

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