Queen bee royal jelly


InformationWhat is Royal Jelly:

Royal jelly is the food of queens — we do not mean human monarchs, but queen bees. It's actually a substance secreted from the glands of worker bees; it is collected by bees to feed bee larvae. Thant means that after a few days old, only larvae that have potential to develop into bee queens continue to be fed this nectar. Since queen bees are much bigger than regular worker bees and live longer, Royal Jelly is believed by many to have mystical qualities.                                       

Royal Jelly is made up of:Royal jelly for bees
60-70% water
12-15% protein
10-16% sugars
Vitamins, salts and free amino acids make up the rest.

Our honey with Royal Jelly Consists of: 99% Multiflower honey, 1% Royal Jelly.


Royal jelly from bees

Nutritional Facts

Royal jelly from bees


Honey With Royal Jelly - 250g/8.82oz,

Royal jelly nutrition contentsRoyal jelly nutrition contentsRoyal jelly nutritional chart

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