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InformationWhat is Propolis (Bee Glue):

Propolis is a brown and sticky substance; worker bees gather from buds of poplars, birches and other deciduous and coniferous trees. After collection bees add salivary secretions to the resin by chewing on it, they add beeswax it becomes dark brown and very sticky, which is why it is also called Bee Glue. Once the Propolis is ready, bees use it as a construction material, similar to plaster or caulk. They cover the interior of the hive with it, and fill all openings.

Propolis made up of:

50% resin

30% wax and oils

10% salivary secretions

5% pollen

5% amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Our Honey with Propolis consists of: 99% Multiflower honey, 1% Propolis.

Physico-chemical indicators of Honey with Propolis honey 2013

Pictures of birla honey propolis

Nutritional Facts

Hatyai honey with propolis


Honey with Propolis - 250g/8.82oz,

Honey propolisNutritional facts of propolisNutritional facts of propolis


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