Honey origin history use Youtube Honey is the nectar of the gods and as old as time itself.  Archeologists have found rock paintings in Spain dating back 8000 years depicting honey harvesting. People have utilized one for many centuries. Civilizations have relied on the healing properties of honey since history has been recorded. People have eaten it, bathed in it, healed their wounds with it, and used it as a trade commodity.

Archeologists have unearthed a comb in Egypt that has been buried in a tomb with the Pharaohs. Was preserved and still edible, it did not spoil due to its antimicrobial properties. Honey origin history use YoutubeCleopatra the Queen of Egypt  was renowned for her beauty as well as her beauty regimen which included the now famous milk and honey baths, as well as honeys masks to keep her skin soft and supple despite the damaging Egyptian sun.Honey origin history use Youtube

Our current method of beekeeping was actually developed by an ancient Chinese civilization. It has been mentioned in primitive Chinese texts dating from 771 BCE. These ancient practices of beekeeping are still used today. Honey has also been mentioned in various religious texts including the Hebrew Bible, The New Testament and the Koran. The Buddhist culture has a religious festival focused on the medicinal properties. Pure honey is also considered kosher even though it is produced by a flying insect, a non kosher creature. Other products of non kosher animals are not kosher, but pure it is.

Organic acacia honey egyptianHoney is so much more than a mere sweetener. Ancient Romans used honey to treat wounds and speed healing. They used it to treat burns and skin rashes, and even to embalm the dead. Alexander the Great was embalmed in a coffin full of honey. In Ancient Greece honey was revered so much that it was used as currency and many people’s taxes were paid in honey.

Honey origin history use YoutubeOur civilization has forgotten about Honey and about its incredible powers, recently honey has finally gained greater popularity and a renewed focus as people have begun to realize that ancient remedies are proven to be true. Modern medicine has admitted what the ancients have known for centuries, that the earth is equipped with all it needs to sustain, heal and enrich life in the form of one.

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