Your Flexible Fundraising Solution!

Fundraising can be a monumental task involving plenty of organization, teamwork, commitment, and dedication. Many fundraising drives fall short of their goals or even fail because of two key factors:

1) The product chosen to be sold is popular, but costly, thus providing a smaller commission per unit for your efforts.

2) The product chosen is generally less popular with the public which alienates a significant portion of potential sales, thereby reducing your commission.

A popular fundraiser like chocolate covered almonds does sell well, but will only return roughly $1.00 per unit sold. Hard candies or chocolate mints are more profitable per unit, but not as easy to sell. All of these items are novelties, and the sale is basically dependant on disposable income. Sometimes it’s just not practical to spend $5.00 for one dollar’s worth of candy, even if you wholeheartedly support the cause it’s being sold for.

Lately, some schools and organizations have chosen products like cheese or frozen pizzas for their fundraising drives with positive results. People like to support community based organizations. If you can offer a fundraising vehicle that is practical and reasonably close to retail pricing, then you have a program geared for success.

This is where honey comes in. Think about it; everyone uses honey to some degree: on toast, in tea, or in baking. You most likely have half a container in your cupboard right now! Also, if you’ve shopped recently, then you know that processed honey is quite pricey, costing up to $6.00 per container.

Now without a doubt, we offer some of the best un-processed, 100 % natural, organic honey.  Our honey is packaged comes in 6 different and delicious flavors and varies from someone who would one to support your cause by getting a 250g jar or someone who knows and loves honey and would be interested on getting a larger 1200g jar of honey.

Now on to the most important stuff:

How can we help your organization raise a pile of money?

First off, we are always available to come down with some samples and make a presentation to your committee or group to explain this entire but for a quick overview, here’s how our program works:

We provide sign-up and product sheets for your volunteers to pass around to family, friends, co-workers and other supporters of your organization.  Money is collected immediately, and after a time frame of your choosing (usually a few weeks) you tabulate the sheets to form an order. The order is sent to us and we deliver it to you for distribution in one week’s time.

Your organization makes close to 30-50% of retail value per jar for your cause.  For example case of 12-250g jars cost you a wholesale price of $45.22, that is $3.77 per jar and suggested retail price is $6.28, your fundraising drive will have generated $29.00.  So if you have 30 cadets or team members, and if each individual sells only ONE case, (twelve jars), your fundraising drive will have generated $870.00!  There is no minimum commitment or penalties and no cash is required up front. No fundraising drive is too big or too small. We supply you with signs and order forms. We even take back any extras in case of error, and our 100% guarantee ensures that your supporters will be completely satisfied.  Zero Risk And flexible Too!

Looking for variety? All of our honey is Organic and Raw available in six types of flavor: Multiflower, Buckwheat, Sunflower, Acacia and Linden.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries.
We very much look forward to helping you achieve your fundraising goals.


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