What is Sunflower Honey:
Sunflower is a well known oily plant, that when it begins to pollinate presents a very important bee pasture. Sunflower honey has extremely high concentration of flower pollen and some minerals dissolved in sunflower honey.

Color: 20-40 mm White to Extra light Amber
Its color varies from yellow to orange almost golden.

Aroma: Light
Sunflower honey aroma is very similar to a regular honey.

Taste: Mild
It has a pleasant taste, very similar to regular taste with nutty taste and texture, but people unjustly avoid it due to its fast crystallizing property.

Crystallization Rate: Fast
Normal crystallization for Sunflower honey occurs in few months, but consuming crystallized honey is very useful because by long-lasting melting of crystals through sub-tongue glands all beneficial substances, by a shortest way possible, are introduced in the organism. For those that are bothered by this, it is recommended to place the jar with sunflower honey in a container with warm water of 45 degrees.


Physico-chemical indicators of Multiflower honey 2013

Moisure 17,1%
Fructose + Glucose 85,2%
Sacharose 1,4%
Diastase od.Hote 12,3
H.M.F,. mg. to 1 kg. 6,4 mg
Acidity NaOH (0,1 mol/dm.kub)
per 1kg.
Proline content, mg. to 1kg. 310 mg
Conductivity, mS/cm 0,23

Nutritional Facts


Linden Honey - 250g/8.82oz,

Linden Honey - 400g/14.11oz,

Linden Honey - 1200g/42.33oz,

Bucket 28kg/61.73lb            Barrel 290kg/639.34lb