Our History

Ukraine America Global (dba UAG Co. LLC.) was founded in the year 2000. Our goal was to improve upon and expand the import and export between the United States and Ukraine. During this time we succeeded in establishing and maintaining a positive working relationship between many different companies throughout both countries. Our success came from securing and supplying the vast diversity of products that our clients required.

With change in consumer consciousness and demand, it was time to create a new division. UA Global Inc. was designed with the sole purpose of providing the highest quality natural food products available on the market. Consumers have clearly grown weary of unhealthy and dangerous foods containing unnatural additives, toxic preservatives, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It is our company’s mission to provide the highest quality products available, with no preservatives, toxins, or GMO's.

Our Mission

At UA Global, our objective is to provide our customers with healthy, organic, truly natural foods. That means no preservatives, GMOs, or chemical additives of any kind. It is our company’s mission to provide the highest quality products available, and to partner only with companies who share the same values.

Although UA Global LLC. has not existed for a very long time in the food import/export industry, we have proved ourselves to be reliable and trustworthy by providing all the necessary documentation for government regulations to affirm that our products are of the highest quality for your health.

Why from the Ukraine?

The Ukraine has always prided itself on its extraordinary hills and valleys, rich agricultural landscape, it's abundance of fertile soil, and the hardworking indigenous people who call it home.

The Ukraine is among the top five countries in the world in honey production & quality. Despite this achievement, we strive for an even higher standard in beekeeping. Our trademarked honey is collected from a mountainous region in western Ukraine. The forest consists of pine and beech trees and lush green valleys. This area contains large, natural, mineral water springs. The bee hives are deliberately located far away from civilization, high on top of the mountains, deep in the pristine woods, to ensure the cleanest and purest air quality. All you will find in this area are our bees, their handlers, natural springs, green lush vegetation, and fresh mountain air. Choosing this location guarantees that there are no carbon monoxide gases and industrial factors to contaminate the environment. Our ApiZzz honey has all the special nutritional aspects of this unique ecosystem.

Try our honey for yourself and you too will be able to taste and experience the vast array of all the natural flavors of our distinctive honey. The taste and aroma will leave you feeling as if you are in a field of flowers surrounded by crisp fresh air.